This is a virtual collection of art work created by Houston artist Tod Gilpin. Tod has a true passion for visual communicationsand Brand Design, he understands color theory, balance, flow and composition. He also has the ability to clarify complex information and simplify presentation.

As a life long student of the arts, He has studied Fine art, Technology and Photography. He has also researched and studied how a balanced blend of these talents can and will effect the intended audience. Over the years as an artist and he has earned many honors and awards for personal and professional creative works.

"I believe in the importance of a Clean Web and how it can positively impact everyone now and in the future."

Tod has art work currently at the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Art.

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acrylic on canvas ~ 6 panels - 12" x 36"

Reflections of Now

acrylic on canvas ~ 36" x 36"

Up and Down

acrylic on canvas ~ 18" x 52"


acrylic on canvas ~36" x 48"

Texas Breeze

acrylic on canvas ~ 24" x 48"


acrylic on canvas ~ 30" x 48"


acrylic applied with toothbrush on canvas ~ 26" x 26"


acrylic on canvas ~ 36" x 48"

Dancing In The Rain

acrylic on canvas mounted on rain stick ~ 30" x 48"


acrylic on canvas ~ 24" x 30"


acrylic on canvas mounted on wood ~ 84" x 84"


acrylic on canvass ~ 18" x 24"

American Leather Bench

Togil Brand By Tod Gilpin

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