1st Place
Amanda Jentzsch, Age 18

Shadows of the Evening

Media: Acrylic
12th Grade, Tomball High School
Tomball ISD

Teacher: Catherine Dawson

Juror Comments: “This is a very strong piece of work with excellent composition and use of vibrant color. The viewer is drawn into the painting where one can almost feel the warmth of the scene portrayed. The artist is able to bring excitement to this forest scene by abstracting the images and adding strong colors to capture the viewer’s imagination. The intense use of color makes it a very striking work.”


2nd Place
Arielle Mercier, Age 17

Good News

Media: Charcoal
11th Grade, Spring High School
Spring ISD

Teacher: Myrtie Porter

Juror Comments: “This artist has balanced the use of collage and charcoal drawing extremely well to portray strong emotion in this piece. It is very creative and well composed. The slight change in the positioning of the image and the use of light and dark brings this image to life in a striking manner. The happiness in contrast to the darkness of color makes this a powerful piece.”


3rd Place
Emily Nero, Age 18

Amanda’s Dream

Media: Acrylic
12th Grade, Tomball High School
Tomball ISD

Teacher: Catherine Dawson

Juror Comments: “The artist has used color, light and shadows to create a wonderfully balanced piece. The viewer is drawn into the piece through the positioning of the figure on the canvas and invited to enjoy the warmth of the day through the
artist’s excellent use of light and shadows. This is a strong use of the medium and very well executed.”


Honorable Mention
Macy Tralmer, Age 16

The Crowning Glory

Media: Charcoal pencil
10th Grade, Klein High School
Klein ISD

Teacher: Chau Nguyen

Juror Comments: “This charcoal pencil drawing is an excellent composition and a
good use of value and contrast. The artist does an excellent job of using the technique
of foreshortening to accentuate the length of the hair. The attention to detail and wonderful
drawing technique make this a strong well executed piece.”


1st Place
Oscar Ruiz, Age 13


Media: Water-based marker
and permanent marker

8th Grade, Kleb Intermediate School
Klein ISD

Teacher: Dr. Vivian Fridley-Hereford

Juror Comments: “Silence is a dynamic, enhanced blind contour drawing. The strong use of contrast adds to the energetic lines and brings you into the strong facial expression. This is a very well balanced, successful artwork.”


2nd Place
Ava Bramlett, Age 14

Tranquil Night of Blues

Media: Acrylic
8th Grade, McCullough Junior High School
Conroe ISD

Teacher: Laurie Stone Adams

Juror Comments: “The colors in the reflections on the face of the horn
bring the viewer around it and back to the face of the musician.
The bold colors express the intensity of the music. This is a beautiful art
work with great depth and a wonderful use of color and shadow.”


3rd Place
Gina Valderrama, Age 14

The Three Amigos

Media: Drawing
8th Grade, The John Cooper School
Private School

Teacher: Lesia Streckfuss

Juror Comments: “The Three Amigos appears to be an abstract work with
wonderfully crisp lines and shapes. The viewer is taken through a variety of
ins and outs, almost a landscape of texture. It is a very successful work with
a great sense of balance and contrast.”


Honorable Mention
Tien Henderson, Age 14

Life’s Surf Disco

Media: Prismacolor
8th Grade, Doerre Intermediate School
Klein ISD

Teacher: Lorraine Millican

Juror Comments: “Life’s Surf Disco has wonderful movement and color.
The cool colors against the warm colors give a lively composition. The organic
shapes and intense blacks render great depth. I especially enjoy the movement
of the organic lines. The intensity of the images really captures the viewer’s imagination!”


1st Place
Riley Sandel, Age 11

Orange Blossom of Spring

Media: Mixed Media
5th Grade, Collins Intermediate School
Conroe ISD

Teacher: Janet Melton

Juror Comments: “The quiet spattered background of this piece provides a subtle platform for the vivid colors and bold shapes of the flowers and leaves in the foreground. The gentle curves of the stems and leaves tie the composition
together, adding to the sense of both spontaneity and control in this lovely, sophisticated painting.”


2nd Place
Adeleen Stroh, Age 10


Media: Clay Tiles on Mat Board

4th Grade, Runyan Elementary School
Conroe ISD

Teacher: Paul Giordano

Juror Comments: “Precision and close attention to detail are the hallmarks of this beautifully crafted piece. The mysterious designs remind us of ancient worlds, and the black background creates an air of mystery in this dramatic composition.”


3rd Place
Kamil Gomez, Age 10

Golden Mission

Media: Pastel
4th Grade, Runyan Elementary School
Conroe ISD

Teacher: Paul Giordano

Juror Comments: “Simple geometric forms and just a few strong colors
create a dramatically bold graphic statement in this well-executed pastel
drawing. The mission itself takes up more than half of the picture plane,
and it is set firmly at the bottom of the page, giving a sense of its strength
and permanence and its importance to the artist.”


Honorable Mention
Fiona Lacey, Age 7

Luminous Landscape

Media: Oil Pastel, Tempera
1st Grade, Northwoods Catholic School
Private School

Teacher: Keri Pye

Juror Comments: “This fun composition gives a sense of experimentation
with its variety of shapes, contrasting colors, and combination of squiggly lines
and rigid verticals. The result is a delightfully cheerful dreamscape,
full of action and inviting closer inspection as well as a smile.”


Art Contest Jurors

The Pearl draws from the rich Houston art community to select impartial and independent jurors to evaluate the Student Art Contest entries each year. These jurors are some of the most accomplished artists and instructors in the area with many years of expertise.

Mary L. Davis, WHS, T.W.S.

Following a successful career of almost 20 years in the Architectural/Engineering consulting world Mary left corporate America to start her own company in 2000. While continuing to meet the demands of her business, she began to turn her attention to the art that she has always loved through taking art classes from many of Houston’s best known water-media artists like Linda Darke Swaynos and Mary Wilbanks. Those artists plus Santa Fe, NM artist, Virginia Cobb, were extremely instrumental in helping her find her unique style and leading to her decision to vigorously pursue a career as an artist.

Mary is a Past President of the Watercolor Art Society-Houston (WAS-H) and currently serves as an Advisory Board Member of the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts and the Board of Directors of Archway Gallery.

Mary is a signature member of the Watercolor Honor Society (WHS) and Texas Watercolor Society (T.W.S.). Her work can be seen at Archway Gallery in Houston, in local and national competitions and in private collections across the country.

Sue Burke Harrington

Sue Burke Harrington is an award winning artist known for her bold colors and strong compositions in acrylics on canvas. She holds a BA in Studio Art from Michigan State University, with an emphasis in painting. Sue continued her art education on the graduate level at Carnegie Mellon University, Michigan State and Penn State. Teaching was a way to share her passion for art, which she has done for many years in colleges, public schools and studio classes.

Sue has lived in many cities across the US and has enjoyed traveling the world, studying the arts and culture of each land. Her work reflects the journeys she has taken and her love of nature. “I am often amazed by our changing environment and the power of the forces of nature. The tension of the air as storms approach creates an eerie moment in time, when all hangs in a fragile balance. These events bring forth certain colors, textures, and energy that energize my art work.”

Sue’s artwork has been shown in solo and group exhibitions in galleries and museums around the country and abroad. Her work can be seen on her website at www.sburkeharrington.com, her studio in The Woodlands and at Archway Gallery in Houston.

Nancy Lickson

Nancy Lickson is a Houston artist who creates mixed media collages and assemblages, watercolor and acrylic paintings, as well as pencil and charcoal drawings.

Her background is in interior design. She received a B.A. in English and an M.S. in interior design from Florida State University. After working as a designer for ten years Nancy developed the interior design program and its curriculum at Kingwood College where she served as the department chairman for fourteen years. She also served on the executive boards of both the North Florida and Texas Gulf Coast chapters of the American Society of Interior Designers.

Currently Nancy is a Signature Member of the National Collage Society and a member of the Society of Layerists in Multi Media and the Watercolor Arts Society-Houston. She is a docent at the Bayou Bend Collection and Gardens and continues her art studies with such local artists as Margaret Dobbins, Polly Hammett, Willy Wang, and Mary Wilbanks. Nancy’s art has been exhibited at Mesa Contemporary Arts Museum, Mesa, Arizona;
Philip and Muriel Berman Museum of Art, Collegeville, Pennsylvania; Bellevue Arts
Museum, Bellevue, Washington; Archway Gallery and the Jung Educational Center,
Houston, Texas; and the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts, Spring, Texas. Her work is also in private collections throughout the United States.


The Contest


The purpose of the Annual Student Art Contest is to recognize the artistic achievements of our area students. The 2013 Student Art Contest accepted entries from students of all levels in public, private, and home schools in the Greater Cypress Creek Area.


The contest entries were first adjudicated by the individual school districts and the finalists were submitted to the Pearl. Home school and private school entries were adjudicated by the Pearl and finalists forwarded to the final adjudication. A panel of jurors judged the entries, according to four criteria: technique, personal expression, organization, and integration. The jurors selected first, second, third place, and an honorable mention for each division and a selection of other pieces to be included in the Juried Exhibition.
Student Art Contest Recognition

Place Winners

Students whose artwork receives 1st, 2nd, 3rd place, or Honorable Mention for each division will receive the following awards:

Division I: Grades 9-12

1st Place $1000
2nd Place $500
3rd Place $300
Honorable Mention $100 art gift bag

Division II: Grades 6-8

1st Place $150 and $125 art gift bag
2nd Place $100 and $125 art gift bag
3rd Place $50 and $125 art gift bag
Honorable Mention $50 art gift bag

Division III: Grades 1-5

1st Place $100 art gift bag
2nd Place $75 art gift bag
3rd Place $50 art gift bag
Honorable Mention $25 art gift bag

Jurors’ Selection

Artwork that is not selected as a place winner may be included in the Student Art Contest Juried Exhibition. Every year, the Student Art Contest receives exceptional artwork from area students and the Juried Exhibition was created to recognize as many of these students as possible. The number of selections for the Juried Exhibition is limited due to space constraints.

Volunteer Guild
Student Art Contest Organizer
The mission of the Volunteer Guild is to promote volunteerism in the Northwest Houston area by providing vital, on-going volunteer support for the Pearl’s educational programs; to develop leadership and knowledge within its membership; to further perpetuate the appreciation of fine art and the museum in the community. 2013 marks the sixth year that the Guild has organized the contest. Guild volunteers manage all aspects of the contest, including promotion and communication, art collection, judging, and the contest awards and other contest events.

Art Contest Sponsors

The Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts does not charge any student or teacher to enter artwork in the Student Art Contest. All of the funds used to administer the contest,
including prize money, is given by generous donors from the Pearl’s Volunteer Guild
and patrons at the Pearls of Art Gala.


We thank our generous donors from the Pearl Fincher Museum of Fine Arts Volunteer Guild.

Donna Asbill
Genie Alfano
Peggy Bacon
Laura Barousse
Carol and Gordon Beaty
Rose Bertus
Peggy Braden
Agnes Carlson
Carol and Calvin Cobb
Sharon Cofran
Barbara Cooper
Sandy De Cet
Sylvia de Hek
Peggy de Sola
Sue Due
Joyce and Art Elder
Fran Hamel
Patricia and Sam Harless
Patti Hatcher
Vincette Hubbard
Rosanne Hudson
Claire Irvine
Deborah Jennings
Alice Kanayan
Sue Kikis
Christine Macpherson
Rob and Ann Parker
Wanda Pauling
Linda Powers
Judi Redilla
Vickie Reynolds
Jimmy Schmidt
Susan Sjolin
Patsy Anne Smith
Linda Sparks
Karen Strole
Leila Voigts
Anais Watsky
Pat Wisniewski

We thank our generous donors
from the Pearls of Art Gala
and Auction Party.

Linda and Joe Battson
Diane and Al Brooks
Gayla Brown
Agnes Carlson
Carol and Calvin Cobb
Tammy Cortes
Sheila and Richard Donley
Deborah Ellington
Karen and Mike Embree
Elaine Clayton Green
Doris and Fred Grundmeyer
Patti Hatcher
Pam Hughes
Deborah Jennings
Beverly Johnson
Beverly and David Kent
Richard and Julia Kovach
Pat and John Leger
Mary Ann Lucas
Jennifer Mallozzi
Kim and Robert Mausser
Sheryl and Chris Melton
Lenore Millspaugh
Paula and Geoffrey Newton
Judi and Rich Redilla
Jean Siegmund
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